How We Work

We’ve been around the Wirral since 2014 and our team are from here. We understand this beautiful place well and how best to sell and let property.

We have been highly successful in getting the best price for our clients. Unlike some estate agents we never recommend you pay us upfront. There is no incentive for any agent to sell your property, and certainly no encouragement to obtain the highest offer, once they have your non-refundable payment.

We charge a reasonable fee for our services based on a percentage of the sale price. That way it’s in our interests to get you the best price: you get more, we get more!

We start our journey with you by assessing your property against a whole range of criteria such as local sales records, comparisons with other such property and the prevailing market conditions. It is essential we value correctly at the outset because the process of dropping it within weeks sends a poor message to the market.

We also take significant due diligence with every prospective buyer or tenant. We certainly do not take the first offer that comes along. We need to ensure any offer we present to you is likely to progress through to completion, and this requires us to undertake a lot of checks and balances. The worst thing a vendor can have is a solicitor’s fee for a sale which fell through.

Once we’re marketing we vet all prospective buyers for security purposes and to ensure ability to purchase. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, especially yours, as viewings can be stressful at the best of times.

Once an offer is accepted by you, not us, we will strive to speed the legal process through whilst still ensuring your safety. This often requires significant liaison with yours and the buyer’s solicitors.

Once completion has been arranged we will hand over the property. We know it can be an emotional time so best a third-party does the deed.